Our mission is to help you stay relevant to your customers


What does it take to be persistently relevant to your customers?

Answer this question, and you will make intelligent decisions about what you must do to create a mutually rewarding customer experience. And it’s our mission to help you find the answers.

It’s a challenge of balancing objectives – the customer’s and the company’s, and of insight to create a symbiotic relationship between the two. Few organizations can create relevant experiences throughout every interaction and across all channels and any department within the organization that the customer touches. Seldom are employees equipped to play their crucial part in delivering the desired experience.

If your organization is struggling to consistently orchestrate relevant and positive customer experiences we can offer independent advice to help you.

With several decades of insights, we consider not just the art of the possible, but how you can harness it to fulfill your brand promise, grounded in proven principles.

Customer experience management plays a critical role in this, but there is more to it than that. Take a look at our blog: New value disciplines must be mastered for the digital age.

Guidance for enterprises

We help large and medium enterprises navigate the complexities inherent in CX. We advise on the right joined-up approach to lay the foundations for a mutually advantageous experience – customers, employees, and delivery of business outcomes.

Technology plays a supporting role, and based on your
existing IT landscape; we can advise on the best customer engagement platforms to create a unified and channel-agnostic customer experience.

Key platform vendors we monitor include Adobe, Creatio, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, SugarCRM, and Zoho. We also monitor specialists in content management, process mining, and startups making waves with emerging technologies.

If you face significant customer experience challenges, get in touch to see how we might help you.

Increasing vendor relevance 

We also help CX vendors increase their influence through compelling content that adds value to existing customers and prospects. Case studies or rather case stories are essential for account-based marketing (ABM) programs. But most vendor case studies don’t tell the real story.

With our CX-domain expertise, we get at the essence of the enterprise’s story. Not just what happened but why and how? Resulting in a compelling customer case story
that chimes with enterprises facing similar challenges.

We also provide webinar support for CX vendors, positioning them within a relatable and compelling business context – boosting the relevance of their solutions.
If you would like to discuss how we might support you or to brief us on your solutions, so we can write about you, get in touch!

Amplifying the profile of innovative Startups

Continuous innovation is vital for every business. So we now include tech startups in our blogs. Startups often provide the keys to help businesses innovate faster and take advantage of modern cloud-native technologies. As well as amplifying the profile of the most promising tech startups, enterprises can include the most relevant as part of their digital business transformation ecosystems – enhancing agility, improving the customer experience, and delivering innovative new solutions and services.

We started with an appraisal of the Oracle for Startups program, and have recently added detailed information on four remarkable startups taking full advantage of that program. Each month we shall cover more tech startups
in our blogs and downloadable reports.

If your company is a startup, get in touch to find out how we can amplify your company profile. 


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