Our mission is to help you stay relevant to your customers

What does it take to be persistently relevant to your existing and future customers?.

Answer this question, and you will make intelligent decisions about what must be done to create a mutually rewarding customer experience.

It’s our mission to help you find the answers.

With over 25 years of insights, we consider not just the art of the possible but how it can be harnessed to fulfill your brand promise.

Customer experience management plays a critical role in this, but there is more to it than that. Please take a look at our blog: New value disciplines must be mastered for the digital age. 

CX help for Enterprises

We help large and medium enterprises navigate the complexities inherent in CX. We analyze capability gaps and customer orientation and offer guidance to transform capabilities and deliver on brand promises.

CX-Create can help accelerate CX transformation progress through C-level education, diagnosis, workshops, and guidance on relevant CX technologies. We bridge the gap in understanding that often exists between the business and IT.  What is technically feasible given the existing IT landscape, and how will that deliver what the business and customers really need?

If you face significant customer experience challenges, get in touch to see how we might help you.

Increasing vendor relevance

We also help CX vendors increase their influence through compelling content that adds value to existing customers and prospects.

Case studies or rather case stories are essential for account-based marketing (ABM) programs. But most vendor case studies don’t tell the real story. With our CX-domain expertise, we get at the essence of the enterprise’s story. Not just what happened but why and how?  Resulting in a compelling customer case story that chimes with enterprises facing similar challenges.

We also love to offer webinar support for CX vendors, providing business context for their solutions.

If you would like to discuss how we might support you or to brief us on your solutions, so we can write about you, get in touch!