Our Customer Experience Transformation Credentials

The CX-Create team helps to accelerate customer-focused business transformation based on sound principles. We bring CX experience and expertise to inform and guide enterprises and the vendors that support them. See Our CX-Services for more detail.

Our  team of advisors

Jeremy Cox

Jeremy Cox

CX-Create Founder and Chief Analyst

Jeremy is the founder of CX-Create. He is recognized by major CX vendors, clients, and former colleagues as a leading thinker in customer experience and engagement. Formative experiences in the 1990s at IBM convinced him of the critical importance of understanding the business world from the outside in. These insights were put to practical use in his former roles as a principal CRM consultant at KPMG Consulting and as an independent consultant supporting public and private sector organizations.

Over the last eight years, Jeremy was Principal Analyst Customer Engagement Strategies & Platforms at Omdia (formerly Ovum). He led research and insights into customer engagement strategies and advances in customer engagement platforms (CEPs) and their potential for creating an environment for a positive customer experience.

He helped enterprises develop the right, strategic approach to improve the customer experience measurably. As an example, his unified approach enabled a not-for-profit organization to eliminate departmental barriers by changing how they had deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365. Increasing productivity at lower cost and improving the work-life of employees.

Jeremy also has a passion for continuous innovation, and has recently embarked on research into tech-startups that are bringing new capabilities to businesses. You can find out more about this in our regular blogs.


Our Independent Associates

Gary Barnett

Gary Barnett

Associate Consultant IoT and software development

Gary speaks two languages fluently – the language of business and technology. Essential to bridge the often yawning chasm between CX business sponsors and IT architects.

Gary has been in the software and technology industry for 28 years. He is a highly respected expert with hands-on experience in innovation, smart cities, and the internet of things combined with an established track record in leadership, consulting, technology development, and innovation. He has been engaged to work with Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and Dell. Over the past 15 years, Gary has provided advice to IBM at the most senior levels and worked closely with SAP’s IoT program.

In the past, Gary has led development teams in mainframe, client-server, and distributed computing environments and has served as CIO and CTO with several organizations and projects.

Over the past 5 years, he has been actively involved in the design, development, and delivery of several IoT projects, working on hardware design, firmware development, and the implementation of high-performance IoT platforms. He has also been a regular advisor to the UK’s Digital Catapult program and IoT-UK.

Gary is a widely recognized expert in IoT, distributed computing, and application development and has published papers and presented at conferences across the globe on these topics.

Gary has been the CTO for AirSensa from the outset and is a founder of AirSensa.

Sue Clarke

Sue Clarke

Associate Consultant Content Management Systems

Sue is an independent analyst with more than 23 years’ experience. She has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience, having spent nearly 20 years focusing on the content management space, including customer communications management (CCM) and digital experience management (DXM)/web content management (WCM). Sue has worked extensively with vendors, which has given her a deep understanding of CCM and DXM software’s capabilities and their roles in helping enterprises build engaging experiences. She is familiar with the strategies and roadmaps for these technology vendors and has been instrumental in helping to shape developments.

She also works with end-user organizations, guiding them on product selection and deployments. This also provides her with knowledge of the business drivers behind product selection and what is required to ensure successful outcomes.

Terry White

Terry White

Associate Consultant Digital Transformation

Terry was a CIO for ten years, and since that time, has been mentoring and advising C-level executives. He is also an Associate Senior Analyst at Omdia.
Terry is the author of three books on IT management and a fourth on general management: “Reinventing the C-Suite. ”

He writes regularly for numerous magazines, both locally and overseas.

His specializations are:

  • The challenges facing business in a digital world
  • Complex-adaptive organizations and self-organizing systems
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital business platforms
  • Agility and disruption
  • IT strategy and emergent strategy
  • CIO roles and their teams
  • IT Value
  • Finance for IT

His work has helped business teams and IT collaborate to deliver desired business and customer experience outcomes.

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