Customer experience is simple in concept

But complex in execution. It has massive implications on culture, customer orientation, organization, processes, how work gets done. Selecting and applying CX technologies to create a positive impact on customers requires strategic thinking and collaboration between business leaders, employees, and IT. CX-Create helps enterprises and CX-technology vendors navigate this complexity to extract the full value that modern and emerging technologies can bring.

We also help tech startups position their innovations within the business context to enhance their relevance and appeal. Whether that’s operational excellence, customer experience, or a valuable role in continuous innovation – which all contribute to persistent customer relevance.

Advice and guidance for enterprises

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the complexity, forcing businesses to change how they relate and interact with customers. CX-Create unravels this complexity and helps companies avoid common pitfalls, de-risk, and accelerate CX-based transformations. We offer advice, guidance, assessments on roadmaps, and support for technology selections to ensure a good fit within the business architecture and existing IT landscape.

As the pace of change accelerates, our guidance and insights help companies remain relevant to their customers. See our blogs that are free to view. We recommend subscribing to our blogs which often provide access to more detailed reports. There is no charge.

Support for CX vendors

The CX challenge is huge for enterprises but also for technology vendors. The pace of change has accelerated, and they must innovate continuously to keep up with it. Regular briefings from the CX-tech vendors enable us to provide market feedback to focus on what matters most to enterprise customers. There are several ways we can support CX vendors:

  • Compelling customer case stories to bring your ABM campaigns to life. Predisposing potential customers in advance of any discussions with sales.
  • Unbiased appraisals of your solutions – we’ll provide feedback on your strengths and suggest improvements.
  • Validation of development roadmaps.
  • Messaging and positioning guidance.
  • Webinar content and participation. And once we have all been vaccinated, speaking at your events to amplify the business context.

Amplifying the voice of the Startup

We can help startups increase their visibility by writing short, pithy reports that get to the heart of why they exist and who should take notice of them.

Take a look at our Oracle for Startups blogs to see what we mean.


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