Four Startups show the way to sustainability

Four Startups show the way to sustainability

Following my last report introducing four inspirational startups in the 5G and Edge computing arena, I’m excited to introduce four more this month. But this time, the focus is on energy, sustainability, and the emerging circular waste economy. Given COP26, this is very timely.

The four startups this month are:

  • Complete Intelligence – which provides a global intelligence and forecasting platform helping large enterprises invest prudently and increase the resilience of their supply lines.
  • Evreka  – helping businesses, cities and municipalities sustainably manage waste and creating a virtuous circular economy.
  • Faradai – helping major organizations optimize their energy management through sustainability intelligence.
  • Grøn Sky – reducing the carbon footprint of cloud storage for small and medium enterprises through an innovative green cloud storage facility.

What all four have in common is that they are all supported by the Oracle for Startups program. If you want to find out more about this program, take a look at this deep dive report.

But first, take a look at the overview report on this month’s remarkable four.

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