Oracle gives startups a big lift and a boost for continuous innovation

A key component of the art of persistent customer relevance is continuous innovation. Hundreds of thousands of innovative startups offer businesses a golden opportunity to extend their capabilities and create new forms of value for their customers. And this decade, we can expect an explosion of innovation, creating new opportunities for businesses to enhance their operations, excel at customer experience, and create unimagined value.

The art of the technologically possible received a massive power boost with the arrival of modern technologies. Cloud infrastructure and platform-as-a-service allied to a host of tech goodies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, low-code/no-code development tools, microservices, and even the humble API, making it easier to connect disparate applications. The limiting factor is imagination and the ability to look at challenges differently, which countless multiplying swarms of entrepreneurial startups are doing every day.

Not all will succeed, but those that do will almost certainly have support from 3rd parties, from accelerators to investors and VCs. But, few might have thought of the enterprise applications, cloud, and database giant Oracle as a natural choice for a helping hand. But that’s all changing.

The Oracle for Startups Program supports thousands of startups

Oracle has attracted a rapidly growing army of entrepreneurial innovators, aided by a small enthusiastic team with a startup mentality. It delivers a well-constructed and graduated value proposition that offers more as each startup progresses. At the outset, it provides startups with access to a class-leading technology platform at a heavily discounted rate – Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), with advanced tooling to meet the needs of a wide variety of developers seeking to create innovative new solutions.

Access to advanced technologies at low cost, marketing support, and potential introductions to Oracle enterprise customers, partners, and a VCs network offers startups an encouraging environment to grow and invent.

From Oracle’s perspective, an expanding and enriched startup ecosystem will provide essential impetus to its R&D and the halo effect of startups using Oracle technology. The approach works, and Oracle and its customers will undoubtedly gain in the long run. The timing couldn’t be better as companies of all sizes and hues battle to emerge from the pandemic as resilient and adaptive businesses pursuing new growth opportunities. Successful startups will be the primary beneficiaries.

To get an understanding of the Oracle for Startups Program, take a look at the free-to-download report below. Also worth exploring is the Oracle for Startups site, with some great examples of successes. Several are included in our detailed analysis report. Exciting times for innovators!

Download the complete analysis of the Oracle for Startups program

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