What can four wise men born in the 19th Century teach us about a regenerative future?

4 Wise men from the 19th century

I’ve spent the last year mostly on research into the field of Regenerative Business. It’s incredibly rich and complex.  it involves multiple disciplines of study, covering the climate change challenge, ecology, economics, evolution and above all, our level of consciousness.

As well as dozens of books and hundreds of modern research papers, I have dipped into the past. These four luminaries born in the 19th century had extraordinary insights into our current state, and were visionaries, offering both hope and warnings, which are extremely relevant today. 

I hope you enjoy my synthesis of their critical insights, as you navigate toward a regenerative future.

So what have we learned from these four wise men that can help us navigate toward a regenerative future?

Four common and interdependent themes emerge:

  • Systems thinking
  • A higher level of consciousness is required
  • Cooperation and recognition of our interdependence and relationship with the planet and its biosphere
  • An urgent need, yet to be fulfilled for new economic thinking to oil the wheels.

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