Speak with one Voice, Co-Create Heaven on Earth – Part 1

Surely, that’s our job.

Since starting my research into regenerative business in February 2023, three things have struck me:

  1. The enormity and scope of this multi-faceted research challenge. I naively expected it to last three or so months; I’m now in month fifteen, and I’ve only scratched the surface.

  2. There is an ever-growing fragmented cacophony of movements and institutes, each advocating their selected path for a better, fairer, and more sustainable future for civilisation before it’s too late. This fragmentation is a significant weakness because of my next observation.

  3. An absence of public interest, as citizens barely see the relevance in their lives. Most movements appear to be speaking to the converted. Sadly, despite their noble intent and content, their communications are just white noise or a minor case of tinnitus to the general population. Instead, most people’s attention, except for hermits, monks and the sick, is fed a daily diet of economic woes, wars, wokism, local disasters, and political platitudes.

There is rarely any positive news and no vision of what the world could be or should be. And, even if occasionally, the public’s attention is grabbed by global warming and climate change, most feel that they lack any agency or know-how at the individual, family, or community levels to make a significant difference. Upcoming general and local elections provide a vestigial whiff of agency, a heavily diluted democratic power. It’s just how the world is for the majority — a daily treadmill with occasional sparks of enjoyment that temporarily mask their anxieties about their futures.

But it doesn’t have to be like that……..

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