The path less traveled

This a fantastic example of regenerative capitalism at work, providing a sustainable advantage through values and ownership

The downloadable report that you can read (no subscription required), was written in late 2022. It was inspired by what fellow industry analysts and I heard last summer at Zoho’s analyst summit in Austin, Texas. Since then, I had the privilege and pleasure to spend ten days at Zoho’s campus in Chennai, India, and at one of the schools and the farm in rural Tenkasi. The trip, entitled: Truly Zoho, gave us all the opportunity to experience Zoho people firsthand. 

This has reinforced my views contained in the report that Zoho is considerably more than just another successful IT vendor. Under the visionary guidance of co-founder and CEO Sridhar Vembu, Zoho has become a transcendent business with a cultural soul. It is an example of regenerative capitalism at work, a term coined by John Fullerton in 2015.

I can honestly say that I have never come across a company whose purpose goes way beyond the remit to grow profitably.  I’ll add more detail later, but take a look at the report. It’ll provide some context as to why I find this exceptional company so admirable. 

I hope the ‘less-traveled path’ taken by Zoho in time will become the way most businesses operate and that regenerative capitalism takes hold as the norm. Sustainability and unlocking human potential will depend on it.

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