Adobe leads the Customer Engagement Pack

By accelerating the production and delivery of exceptional omnichannel customer experiences

Adobe Experience Cloud has several distinct advantages over other competing customer engagement platforms:

  • A total focus on the customer experience rather than CRM. Adobe aims to enable companies and brands to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Other vendors are less explicit.
  • Adobe’s content creation heritage via Creative Cloud gives it a deeper understanding of the art of creativity. It has brought these advantages from Creative Cloud to Experience Cloud through Workfront and Adobe Express via integrations with AEM. Thus supporting the complete content creation and delivery supply chain, as announced at AdobeSummit 2023.
  • Adobe Sensei has long had the ability to help accelerate content production. Still, Firefly promises to expand and accelerate content production and put creativity in the hands of non-professionals, deepening the pool of contributors within the enterprise.
  • Adobe Real-Time CDP is optimized for particular business models – B2B and B2C or a combination of B2B2C.
  • Adobe Customer Journey Analytics helps companies understand how customers interact online and offline across different channels and devices and provides insights based on real-time interaction traffic. This data allows companies to refine the experience and identify inhibitors that negatively impact the customer experience. It also offers digital fuel for Adobe Sensei to fine-tune the experience at the individual customer level. Overtime brands become less constrained by rules-based approaches (educated guesswork)and increasingly deliver positive experiences dynamically.

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