Six startups making a difference in health and wellbeing

Six startups aiming to solve some of the most significant challenges in health and wellbeing 

This month’s theme is focused on six startups making a significant impact in health and wellness. They come from far and wide, Brazil, Hawaii, India, the UK and the USA. Startups using data and AI dedicated to healthier outcomes in a variety of ways covering the health and wellbeing spectrum:

  • Sustainable soilless nutrition-rich food production.
  • Early disease detection and remote collaboration between clinicians, doctors, laboratories, and patients, saving lives.
  • And science-based guidance to help us take control of our health and wellbeing.

They are innovating and changing the competitive landscape and using cloud platforms, mobile and collaborative technologies supported by advanced machine learning algorithms to improve our lives. Today, locally, and tomorrow, across the world. 

Download the overview report, which also has links to the more detailed individual startup reports, and explore their remarkable, inspirational stories.

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