ServiceNow has the vision to take on the role of business transformation platform

ServiceNow’s strategic intent goes way beyond IT management services

ServiceNow has long positioned the Now Platform as a ‘platform-of-platforms.’ But what does that mean?

Following detailed analyst briefings in November 2021, my fellow analysts and I were treated to a deep dive on the Now Platform, including a fireside chat with President and CEO, Bill McDermott, aided by Nick Tzitzon Chief Strategy and Corporate Affairs Officer, posing the questions.

What became clear to me is that this platform-of-platforms is really about the Now Platform taking on the central role of transformation orchestration platform (TOP).

In my blog: New value disciplines must be mastered for the digital age, I identified four critical value disciplines that enterprises must master and integrate to transform their organizations to meet the modern-day challenge of accelerating. Change. 

The foundation discipline I call operational fluidity. Flawless and adaptive execution of operations is a now an essential requirement. In concert with that must be a focus on customer experience supported by a positive employee experience to deliver it. And, as change is constant, innovation must be continuous to keep customers coming back for more. The final value discipline, a relative newbie, is ESG – environmental and social governance – in short, delivering positive outcomes, not just for the business and its customers but also the communities they serve.

ServiceNow supports all four disciplines, and to explore the detail, download my extensive report: ServiceNow
a business unchained.

Download the full report here

ServiceNow a business unchained

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