Salesforce Easy simplifies consumption choice 

Making it easier for small businesses and outlying teams in large organizations to get on board with Customer 360 at their own pace

Salesforce announced Salesforce Easy at Dreamforce 2022. It provides a new way of consuming CRM built on the Customer 360 Platform. The design goals were to make it easier for small businesses or teams in larger organizations to adopt CRM at their own pace via self-service and without the need for an implementation partner.

While Salesforce’s meteoric growth continues, mainly on the back of large enterprise sales, with its flagship CRM platform Salesforce Customer 360, behind the scenes, the vendor has been busily developing a more elastic and lower-cost option at $25 per user per month for small businesses or remote teams in large companies. There is, however, considerably more to Salesforce Easy than an attractive price point. Following a detailed briefing from Kris Billmaier, GM & SVP responsible for the development and success of Salesforce Easy, and his colleague, Eddie Cliff, Sr. Director, this report provides an overview of the solution, its context, and why startups, small and medium-sized businesses or larger companies with outlying teams, should take a closer look.

To aid understanding of the potential value of Salesforce Easy and where it fits best, we follow the story of a fictitious product company and the typical challenges faced as it moves through five ‘life’ stages from startup to large enterprise.

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