Qwil Messenger – Convenient, compliant, and secure chat between the business, its clients, and partners

Key drivers – Security, privacy, financial risk, and client convenience drive the need for Qwil Messenger

Cybercrime impacts every type of business and potentially any individual with internet access, and it is increasing.

According to Alessandro Profumo (CEO of defense industry company Leonardo S.p.a.), opening the Cybertech Europe 2022 conference in Rome, the global cost of cybercrime in 2021 exceeded $6trillion, double the 2015 estimate. In a Cybercrime Magazine report in November 2020 by Steve Morgan, its editor-in-chief, cybercrime is expected to reach around $10.5 trillion by 2025. The World Economic Forum’s Partnership Against Cybercrime (PAC) launched the Cybercrime ATLAS project in September 2021 to help pool knowledge and understanding of cyber threats and how to deal with them, sharing information and expertise with law enforcement agencies and senior executives of large companies. Cybercrime is big business. The Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report found that organized crime was responsible for 80% of attacks, and sophisticated criminal organizations disproportionately impact financial services companies. Why is this?

To find out more and how Qwil Messenger plugs the cyber threat in chat and email, download the complete report below…….

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