Lifen becomes the operating system for eHealth

Lifen becomes the operating system for eHealth


As in other knowledge-intensive industries, the health sector has experienced an explosion of data from multiple sources and communications channels, such as voice, video, and more recently sensor data from remote medical devices and IoMT.

While many large enterprises struggle to manage, share, and communicate data to employees and customers who need it the healthcare sector is arguably more complex. Except in rare cases, such as vertically integrated healthcare provider, Kaiser Permanente, healthcare is delivered via an ecosystem involving patients, local medical practices, pharmacies, public or private hospitals, ambulance services, clinics, laboratories, and insurers among others. Each ecosystem member has its own processes, procedures, and management systems creating a potential communications Tower of Babel making it difficult and slow to share, exchange, and protect vital patient information. While patients can be forgiven for assuming everyone who needs it in a hospital has access to their information and patient records, these large medical institutions share the same inflictions that beset large commercial organizations – silos and data fragmentation – the two most common causes of inefficiency encountered by CX-Create, resulting in low productivity, delay and customer dissatisfaction and frustration. The impact of such inefficiency results in unnecessary costs, manual workarounds, unsustainable waste, and what should be the primary concern of health professionals, poor patient outcomes.

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