Is ServiceNow positioned to meet our biggest 21st Century business challenges?

Beyond the enterprise to intelligent collaborative automation across critical ecosystems

Based on two detailed updates for the analyst community in November, 2022, followed by discussions at the EMEA Analyst briefing in Zurich, we examine the capabilities and positioning of ServiceNow and its flagship, the Now Platform. We heard from ServiceNow’s CEO, Bill McDermott, during the two-day Analyst Summit outlining his ambitions and strategy for the rapidly growing company to hit annual revenues of $16 billion from $5.573 billion FY 2021, 28% up on the previous year.

We also discussed ServiceNow’s vision and growth opportunities directly with Ulrik Nehammer, President of EMEA ServiceNow. This confirmed my personal view that far from overstating the market opportunity for ServiceNow, the possibilities for rapid growth will be significantly greater if the firm broadens its perspective beyond its current positioning as the enterprise’s ‘platform-of-platforms’ to become the ecosystem’s platform-of-platforms and orchestrator-in-chief.

It could do this by taking a wide-angled lens on targeted ecosystems, specifically in the health sector where interagency clinicians and others must collaborate to deliver positive patient outcomes faster and at a lower cost. The potential unlocked value could revolutionize healthcare and result in tens of $billions in savings that could be released for R&D, more doctors, and nurses, accelerating innovation and generating better health outcomes. The elasticity of the Now Platform, which is evolving rapidly, makes this a realistic proposition, and given the current economic climate, silos across multiple health pathways could provide the answer health ministers and CEOs of health providers and payors, and above all, patients, desperately need.

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