Expivi – 3D & AR/VR Commerce putting the customer in control

Expivi elevates e-commerce 3D and AR product configuration to a higher level

Expivi, with its gaming industry heritage, has created a platform for interactive 3D and AR product configuration that is pushing the boundaries in e-commerce. It has turned the value chain on its head, with the customer as the active participant driving design and production.

CX-Create’s viewpoint

Expivi’s background in the immersive world of the games industry gives the company a distinct advantage in the design of its 3D & AR configuration platform for e-commerce. This ensures that the online customer experience is intuitive and easy to use on any device.

The company could have stopped at rendering and configuring products, but it has gone much further. It has placed the customer at the center as an active actor driving the highly customized product design based on whatever features, options, or styles the manufacturer can produce.

The configuration platform drives the supply chain, even across multi-tier distribution models – manufacturer to distributor, reseller, or retailer. Everyone benefits:

  • The customer gets a genuinely personalized product and can buy with greater confidence.
  • As a result, the producer gains higher conversion rates, minimizes stock holding improving margins, and eliminates order errors as the Expivi 3D & AR configurator integrates directly with production systems.
  • Partners in the distribution network can offer more choice without the costs associated with carrying a wide range of finished products to meet idiosyncratic demand.


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